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I’m so disenchanted about this show that I’m waiting to see Damon and Bonnie stuck in the other dimention together at least for half a minute just so that I can write a fiction about it and satisfy our craving for romance (because even if they end up going together on the other side it still does not mean will get anything truly worthy)

So, I managed to put together chapter 3 of my stefonnie fiction (who knows how since my ispiration totally left me) but I’m totally stuck with my bamon stuff.


sarahmannlnq said: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You’re very much welcome sweetie, anything for you

In my veins

He had laughed at her bad taste in the men department; giving it all for baby-Gilbert was a stupid move already, but choosing him over anyone  else in the world was bordering on psychotic. Yes, he felt more than one ounce of satisfaction in seeing him flirt with what’s-her-name, the blonde excuse for a witch. Part of him was thrilled to see the card castle fall apart and for Bonnie to see what she had chosen for herself.

He had expected her to get mad, to kick his ass, and finally cross out Jeremy’s name from the list of possible lovers – which had happened. He just didn’t expect for her to disappear from the face of the earth, just like that.

She hadn’t even had the decency to say goodbye.

One night she proposed him a toast – to what, she never said – and when he had caught her just before she could fall to the ground because of that last shot of tequila boom boom she had looked up at him with some kind of irresistible sadness. The kiss that came after that was to be expected, if only because he had been staring at her tongue licking her pulse for the whole night wondering about the feel of it.

Just the way she started it, she ended it. Without a word. And he never saw her again.

This is what irks him, because he comes from a century where good manners are a necessity. After all, it’s not that he misses her; he never really wonders where she is, if she’s living a good life, if there’s ever a moment where he crosses her mind. In fact, he never thinks of her at all.

Only sometimes, through the years, when he’s kissing a woman, he gets hungrier and savage, like he’s trying to make Bonnie feel him, wherever she might be, on the other side of the world, in someone else’s arms. And when rationality is gone and their clothes along with it, he trusts harder and deeper and asks her - in the back of his mind, in a dusty corner of his heart he never ventures to – do you ever


JJ Feild in Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Death on the Nile




How come I didn’t know it was Sherlolly week? Anyway, put some stuff to the side to do this. Took a bit of time and I won’t do it again, and no one looks like they are supposed to I mean Molly doesn’t even look like Molly I fail as an artist!, but I wanted to share it! Now to get back to Petratodd’s commish… «<link thingy if it won’t load 

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Dinner For Five with Jon Favreau - July 24, 2007 [video]


Stars On Ice in Hershey

It’s okay now



The only thing that would make these secret room bookcases cooler is if you activate them by pulling out a special, secret book :)

I want a secret room covered by a bookshelf


I love this giant goofball


I love this giant goofball



Well done, show. Well done.