I don’t give a damn about Bonnie Bennett.


Yes it’s hard to be a player when at heart you’ve always had a hunch, to bite the hand that feeds you is a scary way of doing lunch. But still when we walk in to this august and famous studio, we’ll be the very model of a modern network TV show!

Robert Downey Jr in Esquire UK (November 2014)

  1. Italian and Christian Catholic, wow, great! One of those idiot loud-mouthed arseholes who do nothing but rattle out hate, slut shaming and vomiting vitriolic abuse. Go to Hell, asshole.. Jesus was much better person than all of you!

This lovely message was sent to me by someone named clearlyglittery. Sadly the message is not avaiable on tumblr, I guess this dear person has been reported (?) so I’m only left with a copy of it in my mail.

I don’t know who the “all of you” refers to, if it’s directed to Christian Catholics, to Italians or if he/she thinks this blog is run by a multitude of people - it is not; I fear we’ll be forever left in the dark about this since the account has been deleted already (such a shame, it seemed like the beginning of a perfectly polite conversation), but yes, Jesus is a much better person than all of us, I couldn’t agree more (and in a world that includes you, no less).

So, dear clearlyglittery, I’m truly sorry about the great amount of hate you found on my blog, I will reflect on my behaviour, clearly you make the world a better place.

PS: I’m sure you were really excited about using the word vitriolic in your tireless defence of… whatever you were defending here, but I don’t think the use you made of it is so correct. You see, abuse is a lot of (bad) things but not vitriolic, that adjective is appropriate for smart/sarcastic/cutting-edge speeches and there’s nothing smart or sarcastic or cutting-edge about abuse.

Does anyone know where I can watch the past editions of Get it Beauty online and with english subs? 

GOD HAVE MERCY  [2/2] Quotes about Morgana

Some people are just born to be queen.


- Blood; The Middle East

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [2/5] favorite movies → Enchanted (2007) 
"Everybody has problems. Everybody has bad times. Do we sacrifice all the good times because of them?"

oh, please don't go


oh, please don't go